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 The Yara product range

Yara Australia’s product range is well suited to meet the needs of the Australian horticultural and broadacre markets and consists of a comprehensive range of peciality macro and micronutrient formulations.
The range is broadly defined into the following categories:


YaraLiva - Calcium Nitrate products 
Containing Field grade and Solution grade Calcium Nitrate (with/ without boron)




 For more details on these Yara products: dryappliedsolubleproducts.pdf dryappliedsolubleproducts.pdf (70.33 KB)

speciality_soluble_products_29_march_2010_newlow.pdf speciality_soluble_products_29_march_2010_newlow.pdf (54.03 KB)


YaraMila Complex – Nitrophosphate NPK
Containing 12:5:15: 8S, plus magnesium and trace elements in a field applied prill.
Krista Range of solution grade products
Containing solution grades of: 

Potassium Nitrate*             (Krista K Plus)
Magnesium Sulphate          (Krista MgS)
Magnesium Nitrate             (Krista Mag)
Potassium Sulphate           (Krista SOP)
Urea Phosphate                 (Krista UP)
Mono ammonium phosphate (Krista MAP)
Mono potassium phosphate (Krista MKP)

* Note – Field grade Potassium Nitrate prills are also available (branded as Unika Kali)


YaraVita range - Foliar products
Containing a comprehensive of single and multinutrient composite products for soil, foliar,
fertigation, hydroponic and seed treatment applications.

For more details on these Yara products: yaravita_product_range_appr_uklow.pdf yaravita_product_range_appr_uklow.pdf

Yara Australia can also offer a wide range of other products including

Water soluble NPK’s from the Hydroflex, Nutrichem and Kristalon ranges