Stream Bars MR

Yara Australia have introduced the Stream Bar MR (multi-rate) for application of Yara Liquids fertiliser into broadacre crops with existing boom spray equipment.

Stream Bars MR

Yara Australia have introduced the Stream Bar MR (Multi rate) for the even application of Yara Liquids into broadacre crops with existing boom spray equipment.

Why Choose the Stream Bar MR?

Streambars are the most efficient and accurate method of evenly applying Yara Liquids nitrogen and sulphur fertilisers to a growing crop. The increasing width of planters and boom spray equipment, combined with the move to controlled traffic farming places much pressure on the spreader to apply fertiliser evenly. Unsuitable application widths result in compromised spread patterns but the effects of uneven spreading remain invisible in most cases. Only drastic variations are visible as dark or light stripes and lodged areas. However, losses set in long before any variation becomes visible to the naked eye.

The cost of uneven spreading is mainly due to lost yield and lost quality. Variations across the application width can be compound each year, resulting in stripy or wavy fields and creating crop management issues. However, there is a cost effective solution. It is as easy as converting existing boom sprays with Stream Bars to apply Yara Liquids nitrogen and sulphur products precisely and evenly.

Quick and Simple Application Rate Changes

The Streambar MR has been designed to speeds up changes in application rate. The Streambar MR features an integrated Multi Rate metering system to alter application rate. Six different restrictor options offer a wide range of application rates. The Multi Rate system save the expense of purchasing multiply sized fertiliser nozzles but it also offers large practical benefits. The operator is not exposed to fertiliser when changing rates as the metering unit is completely sealed. Rate change can be achieved quickly by shift the sliding metering system to the desired position.

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Even Application

To maximise potential crop yields, growers need to apply nitrogen fertiliser evenly. Uneven nitrogen application can cost $25-40/ha in reduced gross margins as reported by Fertiliser Australia. The design of the Streambar MR ensures even application of Yara Liquids. Once liquid has passed through the Multi Rate metering system each of the four ports are fed independently to ensure even application.

Unaffected by Boom Height

Unlike other fertiliser nozzles Streambar MR creates vertical streams of liquid fertiliser. This means that the application pattern is consistent regardless of boom height. On breezy days when a normal fertiliser cap could not be used a Streambar MR can extend the sprayers working window. The boom can be dropped to just above the crop minimising spray disruption but without compromising spray pattern.

Reduced Crop Scorch

Application accuracy across the boom width is guaranteed. When operated at the correct pressure (1.5-3.5 bars), the stream of liquid that is produced contains only large heavy fertiliser droplets. This means that fertiliser droplets created by the Streambar MR ensure that fertiliser rolls off the crop onto the ground, minimising the risk of crop scorch.

Compact and Easy to Fit

The Streambar MR is simple to installation onto all types of sprayer. Streambar MR is available with a nozzle caps that fits a TeeJet nozzle body. The compact design reduces the chance of breakage or twisting if the boom comes in contact with the crop or ground.

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