Clear solution true liquid fertilisers

Yara Liquids

Yara Liquids fertilisers utilise all nitrogen sources, fully plant available phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and calcium forms. Each Yara Liquids product is designed to meet the specific crop requirements. 


Yara Liquids fertilisers offers a convenient solution to evenly distribute nutrients, flexible placement and unbeatable accuracy when applied with modern application system used in agriculture.

Convenience of liquid nitrogen for Moree cotton growers

The convenience of using in-crop applications of liquid nitrogen has made it a major option for cotton growers in the Moree region of New South Wales.

Yara Liquids N26 contains urea nitrogen and is applied with all types of irrigation including flood, overhead and drip.

 “N26 and it has always been consistent and reliable,” he said.  “I’m confident it gets the right results in the crop.” 

Yara Liquids N26 is manufactured at the Moree facility to high quality specifications and contains 26 per cent Nitrogen. 

Why choose Yara Liquids fertiliser solutions?

Parallax Yara Liquids
Parallax Yara Liquids

Unbeatable Accuracy

Improved Accuracy

Yara’s liquid fertilisers are 100% water soluble, hence they are uniform, which means they give consistent flow rates and no recalibration is required when changing products.

Benefits of Improved Accuracy;

  • More consistent produce quality.
  • Improved distribution of applied nutrients across the entire field, with the correct amount applied per hectare.
  • Even crops. 

Flexible placement of nutrients

The flexibility of Yara Liquids fertiliser application systems allows differential placement of nutrients to be easily achieved.

Example of Fertiliser Placement

  • Even banding of Yara Liquids with seed at planting.
  • Banding of fertilisers in drip line of permanently planted crops.
  • Easy application of liquid fertilisers with fertigation systems.
  • Reduced or nil application of fertilisers in controlled traffic tramlines.

Reliable and Convenient Solutions


Yara’s logistical capabilities and tank hire system makes delivering large amounts of liquid fertilisers simple and convenient.

  • Yara Liquids delivered by Yara road tankers
  • Transportable hire tanks available.
  • Delivers managed by regionally located customer focused logistic coordinators.

Reduced Labour 

The handling and application of Yara Liquids fertiliser is often a simple, one person operation.

  • No farm labour is required as fertiliser directly into the farm storage or application tanks.
  • No augers and bins needed – just pump, hoses and tanks.
  • In-crop N as simple as turning on a tap, unlike N Buggies.

Click here to download the Yara Liquids Fertiser Solutions Brochure 

Why choose the Stream Bar MR

Streambars are the most efficient and accurate method of evenly applying Yara Liquids nitrogen and sulphur fertilisers to a growing crop. The increasing width of planters and boom spray equipment, combined with the move to controlled traffic farming places much pressure on the spreader to apply fertiliser evenly. 

The cost of uneven spreading is mainly due to lost yield and lost quality. Variations across the application width can be compound each year, resulting in stripy or wavy fields and creating crop management issues. However, there is a cost effective solution. It is as easy as converting existing boom sprays with Stream Bars to apply Yara Liquids nitrogen and sulphur products precisely and evenly.