N-CAL 15+18Ca+B

N-CAL 15+18Ca+B

Yara Liquids N-CAL 15+18Ca+B **previously known as Cal-Nite B** is clear liquid fertiliser containing 100% water soluble calcium and nitrate nitrogen with added boron, for application through fertigation systems to horticultural crops.

Nitrate nitrogen is the preferred nitrogen source for most horticultural and high value crops. It is immediately available for plant uptake, resulting in fast and predictable growth responses.

Calcium improves cell wall strength, leading to better quality, shelf life and lifting marketable crop yields. Also, increased cell wall strength helps plants tolerate disease and insect infection.

Boron has been shown to improve calcium movement in the plant, reducing the risk of localised calcium deficiency. When applied with calcium, there is often a positive synergy.

All Yara Liquids are manufactured at our regionally located plants with the highest quality standards.

For detailed fertiliser recommendations for your crops please contact your local Yara sales agronomist.