August 31, 2020

Give your sorghum the best start

IN-FURROW application of liquid fertilisers are the effective way to accurately deliver essential nutrients directly to sorghum crops during emergence and establishment.

Applying these nutrients at planting reduces the negative effects of early season stresses, allowing plants to develop to their potential.

Yara Australia Sales Agronomist – North Western NSW and the Darling Downs, Jared Snook, says Yara Liquids FLOWPHOS 13Z fertiliser delivers a concentrated band of plant-available nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc directly to where it’s needed most.

“Rapid plant establishment has always been important for sorghum” explains Jared.

“Growers generally are aiming to plant sorghum early, with approximate soil temperatures of 15-16oC. Low levels of AMF, cold, wet or compacted soil conditions can reduce the availability of phosphorus and zinc by slowing down soil biological and chemical reactions,” Jared says.

“This is compounded by the fact that young seedlings have a very inefficient root system, limiting their ability to find important nutrients, such as phosphorus and zinc, that are immobile in the soil.

“This not only reduces phosphorus availability, as shown in Figure 1, but also reduces plant growth, especially root growth, which plants rely on to find nutrients and water in the soil.”



Figure 1: Relative availability of phosphorus reduce with decreasing soil temperatures.


“Generally, we recommend growers apply 4 to 5kg P/ha, or 30 to 40 L/ha of Yara Liquids FLOWPHOS 13Z at planting to help boost early crop growth” explains Jared.

“Applied as a band with the seed at planting, Yara Liquids FLOWPHOS 13Z gives sorghum crops the best start possible.

“All Yara Liquids FLOWPHOS formulations are true liquids, containing 100% water soluble nutrients, which means it delivers exactly the same amount of nutrients during application.

Replacement or capital rates phosphorus should be applied at a depth of 20 to 40 cm, when conditions and crop rotations allow.

“A combination of both applications strategies will ensure crops are adequately supplied with phosphorus.

“Yara Liquids FLOWPHOS 13Z can be tank mixed with a wide range of insecticides to protect young seedlings. Hard water, containing high levels of calcium, magnesium and/or carbonates, or high in EC may cause compatibility issues.

“Always check the compatibility of all the nominated partners before mixing with your local Yara Sales Agronomist.”

Yara Liquids are manufactured at three regionally-located plants in northern NSW, southern NSW and Victoria.

“Yara operates its own fleet of trucks that deliver fertiliser and hire tanks directly to the paddock,” Jared says.

“Combined with our expert technical support, locally-based customer service and reliable delivery, liquid fertilisers are an extremely convenient method of delivering plant-available nutrients to your crop.”