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Our success is powered by our collective knowledge and hard work. For experienced professionals, we offer a variety of exciting career opportunities in a wide range of areas. Our employees from all over the world work together to achieve common goals. The pace can be fast and our challenges complex, but the atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive.


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Our business culture is best described as welcoming and ambitious. We can only change the world for the better with passionate and talented coworkers. Discover what it’s like to be part of our team.

Meet Maicon

Picture of Maicon Cossa

Head of YaraVita & Biostimulants

"Being the son of a farmer, I joined Yara 13 years ago. To me those years however only feel like a few months. I believe the reason is that in Yara we have a clear and engaging mission, a real reason to exist, that has the power to motivate me waking up early in the morning and working hard every day - with the same energy and passion I had on my first day. It is inspiring to think that the greater our success as a company, the better the lives of farmers like my parents."

Meet Sabine

Picture of Sabine Jacquet

Knowledge Manager

"Since joining the company I have encountered professionals, who are willing to help, answer questions and share knowledge and experiences. The management style is human, oriented towards personal growth and, no matter their level in the company, everybody has proven very easy to approach so far. It is also very heart-warming to see that colleagues from all over the globe are working so well together. This degree of diversity is inspirational, and it is encouraging to know that there are opportunities for working abroad."