Our operations in Western Australia have created a downstream processing precinct in the resource rich Pilbara region.

We have two facilities, using natural gas as the key input, located in an approved strategic industrial estate established by the Australian and Western Australian governments.

The Yara Pilbara Fertilisers plant is one of the largest ammonia production sites in the world and we export ammonia to domestic and global markets from the nearby port of Dampier, which is mainly used in fertilisers to help feed the world.

We have taken the ammonia process further downstream with the Yara Pilbara Nitrates Technical Ammonium Nitrate (TAN) plant. A joint venture with Orica, the facility converts ammonia into a material crucial for the mines located throughout the Pilbara.

The Yara Pilbara team and their families live in the nearby Pilbara city of Karratha, a key community in the region with a resource focus and a relaxed, friendly lifestyle.

Yara PIlbara Technical Challenge Winners

Yara Pilbara

Karratha site address
Lot 564 Village Road
Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia 6714
Tel: +61 8 9183 4100  
Fax: +61 8 9185 6776 
Emergency contact: 1800117506

Postal Address – Locked Bag 5009, Karratha, Western Australia, 6714

Yara Pilbara, Perth office

Level 5, 182 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Tel: +61 8 9327 8100
Fax: +61 8 9327 8199

Renewable Hydrogen

Yara Pilbara Fertilisers Pty Ltd propose to modify the existing Pilbara Fertiliser project to include the development of a pilot Renewable Hydrogen Plant and associated infrastructure.

 The Environmental Protection Authority is currently undertaking a 4 week Public Consultation period regarding the project. Submissions can be made through the EPA’s website using this URL and close on Monday 10 May 2021. 

 The Public Consultation Documents are available for download here:

Renewable Hydrogen Referral Form

Renewable Hydrogen Project - Referral Supporting Report

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Appendix B

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Appendix E

Further information

Yara Pilbara is the Western Australian division of Yara International, the world’s leading fertiliser company and a provider of environmental solutions.

Yara's core business is creating fertilisers to boost agricultural output and food production.

We support 20 million farmers around the world with crop nutrition products and advice. Our fertiliser products help feed 300 million people. 

We also produce industrial products based around nitrogen to protect the environment through reducing emissions, treating water, controlling odour and preventing corrosion.

Founded in 1905 to solve emerging famine in Europe, Yara has a worldwide presence stretching far beyond the Pilbara, with more than 16,000 employees and sales to more than 160 countries.

The Pilbara ammonia plant has a production capacity of 800,000 tonnes annually, manufacturing close to 6% of the total world output of tradeable ammonia.

We use Western Australian natural gas to produce anhydrous ammonia, mainly used in fertiliser manufacturing. As well as fertilisers, ammonia is commonly used in household and industrial cleaners, as well as a refrigerant, for water purification, and in the manufacture of plastics and textiles. Learn more here. 

Some of the ammonia produced is also used in production at the TAN plant. The new TAN plant is world-scale with a capacity of 330,000 tonnes of technical ammonium nitrate – a major ingredient used for blasting in the mining industry, quarrying and civil works.

At Yara Pilbara we pride ourselves on innovation and we are now applying Yara’s experience, knowledge and creative thinking to the development of a pilot plant to produce renewable hydrogen.

Renewable hydrogen is one of the world’s most promising fuel sources for vehicles and a variety of industrial uses. Increased hydrogen use would reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Find out more here

People of Yara PilbaraYara Pilbara’s operations are staffed 24 hours a day by highly trained operators and technicians.  

We foster a culture that promotes the safety of our employees, contractors and the community in which we operate.

Yara Pilbara is committed to the professional and personal development of our team and provides ongoing training and career enhancement opportunities. We have also created successful apprenticeship, indigenous trainee and graduate programmes to provide opportunities for young people entering the workforce.

Health, Environment, Safety and Quality are Yara’s top priorities and we are committed to running our operations to comply with all local licensing and regulatory requirements and our own rigorous global standards.

Our parent company, Yara International, has more than 110 years of operating experience. Yara's systems, technical standards and expertise underpin our plant's safety management systems, controls and procedures.

Globally Yara is one of the most energy efficient companies in the chemical and fertiliser industry, successfully reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by more than 45%.

We continue to invest significant effort and funds into making our plants even safer and our people even more competent and better equipped. We strive for best practice in health and safety management and are committed to instilling a culture focused on continuous improvement and HESQ sustainability.

Yara Pilbara's Health, Environment, Safety & Quality Policy

Safety Leaflet Neighbourhood 

Safety Leaflet Yara Pilbara

Yara Pilbara Site Induction

If you are required to visit the Yara Pilbara site, be it the TAN or Ammonia Plant, you will be required to carry out Yara Pilbara Induction training which addresses the hazards, risk and controls applicable to our operations.

You will need to identify your Yara Responsible Person or Site Escort, who will approve your access to site. See detailed access process instruction here. Once you have their name and email address you can go to the Yara Pilbara eLearning Portal (opens in new tab/window) to complete training that your Yara Responsible Person or site Escort will assign. See eLearning Portal user instructions here.

Protecting people and the environment

At Yara Pilbara we take responsibility for our product through the value chain from raw material to use; that’s why we have committed to a Product Stewardship programme.Product Stewardship Certification

Health, Environment, Safety and Security are Yara’s top priorities and we are committed to producing a quality product whilst running our operations to comply with all local licensing and regulatory requirements and our own rigorous global standards.

Following the products through the supply chain and committing to Australian and international standards ensures that proper care is taken from purchase of raw materials, through production, storage and distribution, to sales, delivery and usage.

Compliance with legislation and Yara’s internal technical and safety standards ensures a high focus on product and process safety as well as protection of personnel and environment by implementimg best available techniques.

Yara Pilbara Fertilisers and Yara Pilbara Nitrates have been certified as 'Product Stewards - Excellence' to the International Fertiliser Association’s programme which reflects Yara Pilbara's focus on Health, Environment, Safety and Security as top priorities and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring quality and safe handling of our Product.

For more information please visit Yara Product Stewardship.

Yara Pilbara's SDS 

Anhydrous Ammonia

Ammonium Nitrate Solution 90-96%

Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prills (5-7)

Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prills (7-7)

Nitric Acid 60% 

Pivot 16

PIP 60 

At Yara we are Pilbara Proud.

Our commitment to the region and Western Australia goes beyond our investment of almost $2 billion in establishing our operations and the jobs we have created.

It is embodied by the Yara Pilbara decision to opt for a residential workforce based in Karratha rather than a fly-in/fly-out operation. We have 300 residential Karratha-based employees and contractors and invested $50 million building more than 100 homes in the local community .

We regularly provide financial support for and participate in events in Karratha and Dampier plus we are passionate about delivering opportunities for young people in education and training.

This takes many forms including  $20,000 each year in academic scholarships for Karratha high school students and we support WA’s engineers of the future, including an annual technical challenge for university students,

Heritage Monitoring 2018 Since our establishment in WA, Yara Pilbara has recognised the historical and cultural significance of Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula), and its ancient rock art (also known as petroglyphs). Independent visual inspections of key sites are carried out on a regular basis.

We also meet regularly with the local traditional owner representative body, Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, to understand and support their aspirations, and we are proud to work with them in monitoring and protecting the rock art via our Heritage experts. We actively promote understanding of the rock art and Aboriginal culture within our workforce and for those contractors who visit our operations.

See the 2018  Rock Art Monitoring in action, completed in conjunction with the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation

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A rewarding career, a relaxed lifestyle, living in a stunning Australian landscape – but that’s not all there is at Yara Pilbara.

Become part of a global network working together to responsibly solve some of the world’s biggest challenges — resource scarcity, food insecurity, and environmental change.

We support our employees in their development because we want them to achieve their potential and to help others do the same. With operations around the world your career path doesn’t need to stop in Australia.

We are always looking for ambitious and curious minded colleagues who are keen to make a difference.

Join us at Yara Pilbara!