February 13, 2022

Guaranteed quality for better results

Specifically manufactured for fertigation, YaraTera CALCINIT provides all the benefits of fast-acting highly available nitrogen, with the improved harvest quality characteristics of calcium.

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LEADING global fertiliser manufacturer, Yara Crop Nutrition has rebranded its water-soluble calcium nitrate YaraLiva CALCINIT into the YaraTera range of quality products.

Yara Crop Nutrition Sales Agronomist, David Coombes, says ‘Tera’ is derived from the Old Norse word ‘Taera’, which means ‘feeding’.

Adding CALCINIT to YaraTera completes the Yara range of fully water-soluble fertilisers for fertigation including NPKs, straights, chelates and liquid fertilisers.

Specifically manufactured for fertigation, YaraTera CALCINIT provides all the benefits of fast-acting highly available nitrogen, with the improved harvest quality characteristics of calcium.

“When combined with an efficient irrigation system both nutrients and water can be managed to obtain maximum yield and quality,” David says.

“The balance of calcium and nitrate nitrogen in YaraTera CALCINIT ensures that growth is maximised and that produce quality is not compromised.

“It is widely used on high value crops to ensure stress-free growth and high yielding, highly marketable, top grade produce.” 

YaraTera CALCINIT can be mixed with other water soluble fertilisers, except concentrated stock solutions containing phosphate or sulphate.

It is quick to dissolve in water without any residues and can be used in all fertigation systems, including drip, sprinklers and centre pivot irrigators.

“Yara has more than 100 years’ experience in producing calcium nitrate and more than 50 years’ experience in producing water-soluble forms,” David says.

“We are continuously improving our manufacturing processes in response to customer demands, YaraTera CALCINIT formulations are almost 100 times purer than the first calcium nitrate produced by Yara 100 years ago.

“Likewise, we’ve managed to reduce the level of insolubles from an average of 2000 to 50 ppm over the past 20 years.

Unlike some calcium nitrates, it’s not classified as an oxidising agent and is therefore not subject to restrictions in storage, handling and transportation.

Alternatively, producers can opt to use Yara Liquids N-Cal 15+18 Ca, which is a true liquid calcium nitrate formulation manufactured by Yara in Australia using high quality calcium nitrate manufactured by Yara in Norway.

Yara continuously monitors the quality of calcium nitrates available throughout the world.

A recent analysis of 25 ‘greenhouse grade’ calcium nitrate products sold in Europe, Latin America and Asia found significant deviations in nutritional specification, impurities and product quality.

Conducted using industry standard methodologies, this analysis found 40% of the tested samples had calcium and/or nitrogen concentrations less than 97% of label specification; 24% contained lead, mercury or cadmium above minimum detection levels; and 56% showed inferior product quality, such as dust, caking or black particles.

“These inconsistencies can directly affect the product’s quality, storage, handling and  solubility characteristics – and most importantly, its performance,” David says.

“Inconsistent or sub-optimal nutrient delivery has a direct impact on crop yield and quality, poor product quality can block fertigation systems, while impurities can shut down market access.

“YaraTera CALCINIT and Yara Liquids N-Cal 15+18 Ca – and indeed, all Yara products – have guaranteed specification, so you can be completely confident that what it says on the label is what you’re actually receiving.

“Furthermore, you know exactly where it comes from.

“Many calcium nitrate products are manufactured and sold as commodities, making it very difficult to trace the true origin of the manufacturer.”

Yara is one of the world’s leading fertiliser manufacturers.

It markets a comprehensive range of fertilisers, including YaraMila (NPKs), YaraLiva (calcium nitrates), YaraTera (soluble fertilisers), YaraRega (soluble NPKs), Yara Liquids and YaraVita (foliar micronutrients). 

These products are supported by Yara’s team of sales agronomists, customer service representatives and technical support staff throughout Australia.

“Our goal is to deliver integrated crop nutrition solutions that genuinely increase the productivity and profitability of our customers,” David says.