April 23, 2020

Positive outlook for a good winter crop yield

After a number of very tough seasons back-to-back, things are looking positive for a good winter crop yield

Autumn rain events have put some good moisture in the ground and now is the time for growers to take advantage and maximise their yields with good fertiliser programs.

Yara Australia is in a good position to assist Australian growers to do just that.

Yara has more than 20 years business experience in Australia supporting both broadacre and horticulture farmers and greenhouse growers throughout the country.

Since it started in Australia in 1994, the company's focus has been on providing leading crop nutrition, specialising in dry applied, water soluble, bulk liquid and foliar fertilisers.

Jason Brady, Yara Australia Sales Agronomist - Western Australia said  Growers should capitalise on the Autumn rain events and utilise fertilisers to maximise yield and quality of the crops that are grown.

"To determine exactly which fertilisers a grower needs, we recommend they take regular soil and leaf analysis to assist in determining a fertiliser program.

"Yara has some very stringent quality controls and testing in place to make sure that all fertiliser products are of the highest quality. 

"This makes Yara fertilisers very easy to use and growers can be confident of excellent product,” Mr Brady said.

"We supply a range of foliar micronutrient fertilisers into broadacre agriculture. 

"By far the most required micronutrient across Australia is Zinc. Zinc is essential for root development at crop emergence due to its role in growth hormone synthesis, which drives cell elongation and plant growth.”

"YaraVita ZINTRAC is one of the best products to address zinc deficiency in a range of broadacre crops.

"Each crop needs specific nutrients, and the YaraVita range of micronutrient fertilisers includes products such as YaraVita ZINTRAC, for Zinc, YaraVita MANTRAC PRO for Manganese deficiency, YaraVita COPTRAC for Copper deficiency and YaraVita GRAMITREL a multi-nutrient fertiliser for addressing hidden hunger in crops. 

"All these products can be used across many different crops including wheat and barley.” Mr Brady said.

Manganese, copper and zinc are essential for plant growth and function. The availability of these micronutrients throughout the whole season is important to maximise yield potential.  Even though the plant’s requirements for these micronutrients is small, efficient plant growth and function cannot occur without adequate levels.

The compatibility of YaraVita products and their extended nutrient release patterns allows simply, effective programs to be implemented by growers.  Utilising current boomspray passes, adequate micronutrients can be delivered during key development timings to drive grain yield potential.

“One or two targeted samples taken after the end of tillering can quickly identify how the crop is progressing and what additional nutrients are required,” Mr Brady said.

“Our colleagues in New Zealand implemented this approach in the crop nutrition program implemented in Eric Watson’s world record wheat crop of 16.71 t/ha achieved two years ago. “They used YaraVita GRAMITREL as the foundation of the micronutrient program, with YaraVita ZINTRAC and YaraVita MANTRAC as required.”

"When using the YaraVita foliar trace element range, growers need to be mindful of the products they mix with them. 

"YaraVita products have excellent compatibility with a range of crop protection products. “However, always check the compatibility of all the tank-mix partners before mixing by visiting the Yara website or downloading the Yara Tankmix app”