Handling and Storage of NOx control reagents – Ammonia and Urea

With our expertise urea for use with SCR and SNCR systems for NOx reduction, NOxCare offers storage solutions which we can design and build for you.

This storage equipment can be:

  • Built within an SNCR or SCR system or with Hybrid DeNOx systems combining SCR and SNCR technologies.
  • An independent storage tank on another part of your site.

Our goal is to develop a storage solution that helps you optimise the management of your urea consumption on your site. We have a 2 step approach: 

1. Perform an assessment of your site’s situation, before designing an application that best suits your installation.

2. Install standard or bespoke tanks, either completely new, or as part of the renovation of a DeNOx installation to meet new needs. 

At cement plant

We can assist you in

  • Upgrading to a larger storage capacity.
  • Moving from one reagent solution type to another (eg from ammonia solution to an urea solution).
  • Installing new pipes for the supply system of your reagent.
  • Dissolving urea on site of reagent on your site (for urea only) or install a dedicated dilution unit.
Syd Dayal
Syd Dayal
Industrial Sales Manager

Telemetry system and secure storage of the solution for reducing nitrogen oxides

We offer a telemetry solution that will give you absolute control and confidence in your stock solution for NOx reduction. Using Yara’s telemetry solution, your level of reducing agent is constantly monitored: we commit to keeping the amount at a level that is defined upfront by you.

With our on-line telemetry tool, you can directly monitor your consumption and your inventory levels in real time. On this basis, we can help you manage and, in some cases, to optimise the planning of your deliveries of the reagents for your SCR or SNCR systems to:

  • Secure your supply more with this effective planning tool.
  • Manage your stock with less worries: as you have transparent access your stock levels in real time, you can directly take action. You can also monitor your consumption patterns of reagents for DeNOx at any time.
  • Place your order simply: you can optimise the planning of your deliveries reducing agents for your SCR or SNCR systems.

Yara will manage the re-supply of your reagent based on automated queries to the system, this means you can concentrate on other tasks while being sure of a secure reagent supply. We bring you a ready to use telemetry system including:

  • The installation of the telemetry tool.
  • The monitoring of reservoir levels.
  • Data collection and transfer system for monitoring on a user-friendly website, which can be accessed from computers in the control room, from your desktop PC and even on smart phones and tablets. You can follow in real time and directly change your consumption and your inventory levels.

Our telemetry system is flexible and can be used to collect data and monitor other data, such as temperature sensors, pressure or chemical sensors. Contact our NOx control expert for more information on the reliable deliveries of urea solution.

Yara – the expert in ammonia for safe, reliable and cost-optimized deliveries

Yara is the largest producer of ammonia in the world, offering a unique expertise in handling ammonia. With its factories across Europe, Yara brings you unmatched reliability, with a guarantee of back-up supplies. We transport ammonia and its solutions worldwide for various applications, including the control of NOx. Yara supplies the reducing agent of your choice from our unique network of factories offering an alternative constant supply.

Safe ammonia storage solutions

We also offer systems for:

1. Dilution of anhydrous ammonia – near - or on your site. This means that: 

  • Anhydrous ammonia is transported to your site, but the risk associated with storage is reduced
  • A bespoke dilution system ammonia can be installed close to your site 
  • Anhydrous ammonia is supplied by Yara and dilution is completed by your dilution system. The ammonia solution is then transferred to your factory for use in the process of reducing NOx emissions.

Contact our expert NOx control for more information on our solutions to dilute ammonia.

2. Ammonia solutions: Our storage solutions are designed to optimize the storage area at your disposal: 

  • A horizontal tank can be installed where height restrictions apply
  • A vertical tank allows a large storage capacity on a small area

Our solution for storage and handling of ammonia solution: 

  • Is easy to use and requires minimal operational training because it is simple to install and maintain 
  • Avoids the use of a complicated buffer system often used in other storage systems
  • Minimizes air emissions and prevents spillage of product on your site or near by 
  • Uses a pressurized unit, if necessary. This solution takes into account the change in the pressure due to the expansion / contraction of the gas and pressure of the vapor product 
  • Is designed in accordance with EN-12952-14: 2004