Safety Audits and Training Packages

Safety is at the heart of all our activities. Yara is the largest ammonia trader in the world, and has been producing and handling ammonia for over a century, from our own ammonia factories.

Our market leader status lies on an exemplary record in safety, called “Safe by Choice” that we apply in our own plants and with our clients. Our approach is to give you direct advice on the safety of ammonia for you to implement at your site and around your NOx control operations.

If your staff need training on the storage and handling of ammonia solution for your low NOx systems, we can answer all your questions. If you require, we can also set up and run training sessions for the handling and storage of ammonia used for NOx control.

Ammonia delivery

We can offer you a number of different safety related services tailored to NOx reduction, such as:

Safety training for your staff. These training sessions are very important because improper handling, for one reason or another, of ammonia used for NOx reduction can have serious consequences:

  • For operators to safely operate the NOx system in your plant, especially when run with ammonia. This training will include Safety Tips on ammonia using Yara’s own security approach
  • For your managers on the safety standards specific to ammonia, the prevention of accidents, on how to determine a potential accident, and what to do if an unfortunate accident occurs

Ammonia safety assessment on your site with clearly stated recommendations that we will share with you. This can include a pre-audit or preparations for inspections by the authorities

Pre-delivery on-site inspections that clearly state everything that needs to be in place for the delivery of ammonia.

Our safety requirements also applies to our sites and our supply chain - from the production in our plants to consumption of our products by you, we continually train our own staff as well as carriers that deliver our products safely to your site.