Fight against H₂S: Hundreds of industrial sites are already using YaraNutriox

Yara has already helped many industrial sites around the world, and around the world in their fight against H₂S. Yara has developed a preventive solution, YaraNutriox™, containing nitrates that have a preventive and durable action.

YaraNutriox: Full service, proven results, optimised costs in the fight against H₂S

  • Be in charge of your YaraNutriox consumption, while preventing any release of H₂S: we can implement the tools on your site that will give you control of your consumption of products to prevent H₂S
  • You have all the elements at hand to control the injection of the product and verify in real time the effectiveness of treatment against hydrogen sulphide.
  • You can remotely change the dosage and consume only what you really need.

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Dave van Wyk
Industrial Territory Manager