Potassium deficiency made worse by

  • Acidic soils (low pH)
  • Sandy or light soils (leaching)
  • Drought conditions
  • High rainfall (leaching)
  • or heavy irrigation
  • Heavy clay (illite) soils
  • Soils with low K reserves
  • Magnesium rich soils

Potassium is important for

  • Internal water regulation
  • Vigorous growth and healthy foliage
  • Required in large amounts

Yara recommended fertilizers for Potassium

YaraMila 17-5-10(4)

YaraMila 17-5-10(4)

Improved Grass based Pasture: General recommendation, spread 200-300 kg/ha in autumn and spring. Adjust rates according to grazing or fodder production requirements.

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