Potato nutrient requirements

Potato nutrient requirements vary depending on the crop growth stage. Find out which nutrients are most important at different growth stages.


Nitrogen and Potassium - early growth and dry matter
Phosphate - more tubers, growth and dry matter
Magnesium - for plant development
Zinc and Manganese - Powdery and Common Scab control
Sulphur - Common and Powdery Scab and tuber numbers

Before tuber initiation (Hook stage)

Phosphate - more tubers, stronger growth

Tuber initiation

Phosphate and Magnesium - bigger tubers
Zinc and Manganese – skin finish
Calcium (+/- Boron) – good skin quality, internal rust spot reduction, stress tolerance – drought/heat

Flowering and bulking

Nitrogen, Phosphate and Magnesium - maintain tuber growth
Calcium – improves skin finish and reduces disease impact