Influencing Table Grape Size and Shape

Physical or chemical crop manipulation is important to ensure an even berry size and consistent maturity in order to meet the markets requirements. The use of the growth hormone Gibberellic acid (GA) at flowering can reduce table grape berry set by around 30%, enlarging berry size and creating an elongated oval shape.

Crop Nutrition and Table Grape Berry Size and Shape


Potassium has an important role in determining fruit quality and size. It increases berry size and evenness in the bunch. 


The concentration of calcium within the berries decreases during ripening. This is due to the majority of the calcium is located in the skin of the grape. It is very important to maintain the level of this calcium by using applications to the vine throughout the season and/or sprays targeted at the fruit. 


Iron can increase total grape yield and berry size and shape. Lack of iron reduces leaf growth and resultant berry size.