AdBlue® is a new packaged product for the passenger car market

Used by consumers in small volumes, this is an opportunity for the automotive fluids re-filler to extend and complement their product portfolio.


As the world's largest producer of AdBlue, Yara has extensive experience with all aspects of handling, filling and selling AdBlue in packed formats. To optimise our capabilities we have decided to partner with relevant auto chemicals re-fillers in the Yara AdBlue Value Chain Alliance.

There are 3 types of partnerships:

  • Product Partner
  • Brand Partner
  • Premium Partner

The Partnership type depends on several parameters both on the part of the Auto Chemicals Re-filler and Yara's presence in the market in question.

We are now actively seeking and selecting Partners to our Value Chain Alliance across the world. Contact our Market Manager, Sigurd E. Jørgensen.

Yara's AdBlue refill range