Available at all or any points in the OEM value chain

For OEMs – Yara's market leading presence and proven track record in AdBlue will be invaluable. With 5 primary production sites – two of them the world's largest – we have tanks and terminals literally all over the world.


Yara's AdBlue is available in appropriate quantities and formats for:

  • First fills at the OEM factory
  • After-market OEM services or workshop refills
  • After-market DIY refills at OEM dealerships

Safe to handle

AdBlue by Yara is a safe-to-handle and easy-to-store product that can easily be integrated into your product portfolio and your health and safety procedures.

Yara's unparalleled global presence and proximity to market allows the most efficient and competitive bulk supply of AdBlue to its local customers with just-in-time deliveries.

Low-cost formats for first fills and after-market services or workshop refills

Yara's AdBlue refill range for businesses and customers performing or retailing DIY refills comes in these formats:

  • 10 litre cans
  • 5 litre cans
  • 1,89 litre bottles
  • 3,5 litre pouches

Supply of these packed products to OEM dealerships is guaranteed by the use of local fulfilment platforms.