Particle separation/sludge de-watering

Coagulation and flocculation problems in your water or sludge treatment system? Yara provides a broad range of polymers suited to your process needs.

Water management and treatment is increasingly regulated. Municipalities and companies are responsible for the quality of the effluents that flow out of their treatment plants, sewers or industrial outfalls. Potable water treatment is vital to public health and quality of life. Coagulation and flocculation are key elements in particle separation and sludge dewatering processes upon which potable water treatment and waste water treatment rely. Particles suspended in the water form a precipitate, also called floc which can then be separated by physical methods.

Polyacrylamide-based polymers (organic polymers, dry powder polymers, emulsion / liquid polymers) are widely used in particle separation and sludge dewatering applications such as:

  • Potable water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment

For nearly 20 years, Yara has been applying its chemistry expertise to help municipal and industry clients of all sizes manage their waste water treatment challenges.

Yara has experience optimizing a wide range of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems

As discharge standards have become tighter and their implementation becomes more rigorously enforced, polymer applications for potable water treatment, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment will have an ever growing role to play.

Polyacrylamide based polymers are commonly used within multi-stage process combining mechanical and chemical separation techniques.

Yara has more than 15 years of experience within polymer applications in different markets. We have the expertise necessary in order to overcome coagulation and flocculation performance problems for customers such as:


  • Typically potable water and wastewater treatment

Process Industry

  • Within the actual production or in their wastewater treatment

Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Wastewater treatment

Contractor Companies

  • Sludge handling

A full range of polymers for all your particle separation and sludge de-watering needs

Polymers are water-soluble, macro-molecular compounds that have the ability to enhance the flocculation process within a body of water.

Yara can supply you with a wide range of coagulants and polymers products like:

Organic coagulants

  • E.g. Polyamines or PolyDadMac

Dry powder polymers

  • Different molecular weight like low/medium/high/extra high
  • Broad charge specter from An-, None- and Cationic

Emulsion (liquid) polymers

  • Different molecular weight like low/medium/high/extra high
  • Broad charge specter from Anionic, Noneionic to Cationic
  • Different structure, e.g. linear or branched

Yara have a broad portfolio and deliver the polymers you need.

Choice of polymer and correct dosage level

Applying the correct polymer and dosage is important and can give improvements in both treatment performance as well as economy. Appropriate polymer dosing can help reduce costs by reducing sludge volumes, transport costs and discharge / landfill costs.

Yara can help you to identify problems in your sludge treatment, waste water treatment.

At your request, we can assess your process and make the appropriate measures and analyses in order to understand your process’ specific needs. We will then make polymer dosing suggestions in order to optimize the particle separation and sludge dewatering components of your process.

Please contact us if you are in need of polymers for a new system or if you need to optimize your existing one. We will assist you to find which polymers that suits your process best. Note that we also can provide you with other waste water treatment chemicals like nutrients for or heavy metal binders.